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Carburetors: Intake Gaskets, Mounting Hardware, Spacers & Baffles


AFB Carburetor Installation Diagram Thumbnail
AFB Carburetor Installation
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A3702A370262BAFFLE PLATE - 300hp, stainless steel11.00 
A3782A378256-61GASKET - Carburetor to intake, 1x4 WCFB6.25 
A3703A370356-61GASKET - carburetor to intake, 2x4 WCFB5.25 
A3788A378862GASKET - carburetor to aluminum intake, 340hp, CARTER AFB8.95 
A3786A378662GASKET - carburetor to cast iron intake, 327/300hp, AFB7.25 
A3784A378462GASKET - carburetor to intake, 1x4 WCFB 327/250HP4.95 
A3518A351853-55GASKET SET - YH Carter carburetors to spacers or spacers to intake, 3pc6.95 
A3043A304355-62INSULATOR, GASKET & STUD KIT - CARTER WCFB, 1 insulator, 2 installation gaskets & 4 long studs & nuts/reduces heat transfer while the engine is running and when turned off54.95 
A3637A363762INSTALLATION KIT, - 300HP CARTER AFB carburetor, insulator plate, gasket & stainless steel baffle plate, all w/300hp, 3pc39.95 
A3039A303953-54INSULATOR/SPACER - between carburetor & intake (3 req., ea)45.35 
A3704A370462INSULATOR/PLATE - carburetor, between gasket & stainless steel baffle plate, w/300hp, CARTER AFB29.25 
B1558B155855-62STUD & NUT KIT - carburetor to intake mounting, exc. '62 300 & 340hp, (vacuum advance hollow stud not included)11.25 
A3845A384556-61STUD & NUT KIT - carburetor to intake, all w/2x4, (16 pc)16.45 
A3859A385962STUD & NUT KIT - carburetor to intake, w/300hp (vacuum advance hollow stud not incl)6.45 
A3706A370658-62STUD (hollow) KIT - vacuum advance mounting & carburetor mounting w/230/250hp, w/nut (1 req.)12.95 
A3787A378762STUD (hollow) KIT - vacuum advance, carburetor mounting w/300hp, left rear to corner location w/nut (1 req.)10.75