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Carburetors: AFB Parts & Fittings


1962 AFB Carb Components Diagram Thumbnail
1962 AFB Carb Components
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1962 AFB Carb Cover Components Diagram Thumbnail
1962 AFB Carb Cover Components
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AFB Choke Coil Cover Diagram Thumbnail
AFB Choke Coil Cover
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Choke Cover and Heat Baffle Diagram Thumbnail
Choke Cover and Heat Baffle
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A3618A361862ACCELERATOR PUMP - AFB with original style leather pump cup & brass stem 14.55 
 D127662ACCELERATOR PUMP - AFB, WITH LONG LASTING ETHANOL RESISTANT FLUOROCARBON CUP & BRASS STEM / with slightly shorter shaft for extra fuel push under acceleration14.95 
A3574A357462BAFFLE/SHIELD - splash, fuel/in bowl (2 req, ea)3.75 
A3743A374362BASE, PISTON ASSEMBLY & LINKAGE ARM - choke, mounts to carburetor main body, AFB79.95 
 A357262CAM - fast idle27.95 
 A395562CARBURETOR STAND KIT - elevates carb 2" / 4pc5.95 
A3598A359862CHECK BALL & SPRING ASSEMBLY - AFB main body outside of accelerator pump well17.95 
A3532A353262CHECK NEEDLE - under secondary squirter2.50 
A3736A373662CHOKE COVER - Carter AFB w/brass insert [ does not include inner shield or choke spring ]59.95 
A4025A402562CHOKE COVER - electric, all w/AFB22.95 
 A351962CLIP - accelerator pump rod, lower1.00 
 A358762CLUSTER - secondary venturi, LH24.95 
 A358862CLUSTER - secondary venturi, RH24.95 
 A356862COMPENSATOR - idle air, reconditioned original24.95 
A3779A377962FITTING - fuel inlet, AFB, screws directly into air horn, casting 3/4" hex brass, 1/8" N.P.T. inlet10.50 
A3760A376062FLOAT - Carter AFB, carburetor, brass (2 req., ea)9.95 
B0109B010962GASKET - air cleaner to carburetor, AFB5.50 
A3788A378862GASKET - carburetor to aluminum intake, 340hp, CARTER AFB8.95 
A3786A378662GASKET - carburetor to cast iron intake, 327/300hp, AFB7.25 
A3968A396862GASKET - choke cover to choke base, WCFB2.50 
 B355562GASKET - fuel inlet1.00 
A3890A389062HEAT BAFFLE/SHIELD - inserts in AFB choke cover with retainer spring [ NO CHOKE SPRING]45.95 
A3747A374756-62INSTALLATION KIT - accelerator rod (2 grommets, 2 sleeves w/swivel & cotter keys)13.80 
 A353862JET KIT - Carter 3269s AFB , front, size .104, 2pc8.95 
 A356262JET KIT - Carter 3269s AFB , rear size .068, 2pc8.95 
 A359762LEVER - accelerator pump, AFB carburetor9.95 
 A352462LEVER - choke shaft, inner LH side13.50 
 A352262LEVER - choke shaft, outer, LH side9.95 
 A357162LEVER - lockout, secondary throttle, LH side22.75 
 A352862LEVER - primary throttle shaft spring pick-up, RH8.00 
 A352762LEVER - primary throttle shaft, secondary throttle trip15.85 
 A357762LEVER - secondary6.85 
 A356062LID - bowl assembly, 3269/3310 Carter AFB, w/small peg air cleaner guides, bare, reconditioned199.95 
 A356562LINK - accelerator pump lever, "S" shape4.95 
 A359962LINK - primary to secondary throttle shaft3.95 
 A356662METERING ROD SET - Carter AFB #3269 (pr)14.95 
 A352562METERING ROD SET - Carter AFB #3310 (pr)19.95 
 A350362NEEDLE & SEAT ASSEMBLY - .090 orfice, 2 required, each6.95 
 A350962NEEDLE & SEAT ASSEMBLY - .110 standard orfice, 2 required, each6.95 
 A350462NEEDLE & SEAT ASSEMBLY - .110 standard orfice W/spring loaded needle, 2 required, each14.45 
 A351762NEEDLE & SEAT SET - advanced roto design / holds up under 10psi from fuel pump [ no need to worry about your fuel pump again ], 2 pc13.95 
 A355962PIN - float, Carter AFB (2 req., ea)1.75 
A3702A370262BAFFLE PLATE - 300hp, stainless steel11.00 
A3704A370462INSULATOR/PLATE - carburetor, between gasket & stainless steel baffle plate, w/300hp, CARTER AFB29.25 
 A382762PLATE - secondary baffle, in choke housing, slotted steel11.40 
 A358362PLATE - throttle, primary (2 req., ea)9.95 
 A358462PLATE - throttle, secondary (2 req., ea)9.95 
 A352162PLATE/BUTTERFLY - on choke shaft19.95 
 A356462PLATE/COVER - power piston, reconditioned5.00 
 A339562PLUG - choke base piston passage/welsh type 5/8" 3.95 
 A359262POWER PISTON - metering rod6.50 
 A382362RETAINER - Carter WCFB/AFB choke cover9.00 
A3775A377562ROD - accelerator pump lever, AFB12.00 
A3773A377362ROD - choke butterfly shaft base to choke lever, AFB8.95 
A3749A374962ROD - choke butterfly shaft to lockout cam, LH14.00 
 A979062SCREW - accelerator pump lever4.95 
 A356762SCREW - choke shaft end, LH, lever retainer2.00 
 A357362SCREW - fast idle cam & lockout lever6.95 
 A386762SCREW - fast idle, AFB carburetor3.95 
 A356962SCREW - idle mixture, Carter AFB (2 req), (ea)6.00 
 A359162SCREW - primary throttle shaft, RH outer1.75 
 A357562SCREW - secondary throttle shaft, RH1.75 
 A385762SCREW KIT - replaces all on AFB carburetors, Phillister head10.95 
 A359362SCREW SET - choke base to carb, (3 pc)2.75 
 A390062SCREW SET - choke butterfly to choke cross shaft / 2pc1.80 
 A375062SCREW SET - choke cover retainer, phillister head, (3 pc)1.35 
 A356362SCREW SET - power piston cover plates1.25 
 A390162SCREW SET - throttle shaft butterflies (8pc)3.45 
 A356162SHAFT - choke, AFB/reconditioned original29.95 
 A357062SHAFT - secondary/rear throttle bores/used original39.95 
A3896A389662SHAFT - throttle, w/arm, AFB #3269/3310 carburetor89.95 
 A397662SPRING - fast idle & idle air screws, AFB carburetor2.25 
 A352662SPRING - primary throttle shaft, RH7.50 
 A352062SPRING - secondary throttle shaft, RH side4.50 
 A366662SPRING KIT - AFB metering rods, 2 each of 5 different tensions, 10pc9.50 
 A350762SPRING SET - power piston/metering rod (pr8.00 
 A354562SQUIRTER/NOZZLE - secondary9.95 
A3780A378062STRAINER - fuel, AFB, behind fuel inlet nut2.95 
A3625A362562THERMOSTATIC SPRING - choke, inserts in choke cover10.95 
 A352362WASHER - levers, choke shaft, LH4.95 
 A358962WASHER - primary throttle shaft, RH, outer4.75 
 A357662WASHER - secondary throttle shaft, RH4.50