1953-62 Arrow ENGINE ASSEMBLY & COMPONENTS: AIR CLEANERS, ALTERNATORS, BLOCKS, CARBURETORS, DISTRIBUTORS, FUEL PUMPS, GENERATORS, HEADS, IGNITION SHIELDING, STARTERS, VALVE COVERS, WATER PUMPS & MORE Arrow Fuel System - Carburetors, Carburetor Parts, Tags, Fuel Filters, Fuel Pumps, Lines & Accelerator Linkage Arrow Carburetors: YH Parts & Fittings - Carter Side Draft

Carburetors: YH Parts & Fittings - Carter Side Draft

A3394A339453-54ACCELERATOR PUMP - Carter YH/ethanol tolerant 12.95 
 A335753-54CHOKE TOWER w/clamp (ea)  CALL
A3014A301453-54COVER - fuel bowl124.95 
A3927A392753-54FLOAT - Carter YH, original, cleaned, checked & guaranteed59.95 
 A308853-55JET - CARTER YH .0826.95 
 A300953-54JET - low speed  CALL
 A302453-54METERING ROD & JET KIT - (3 rods & 3 jets / 6pc)165.00 
A3352A335253-54NEEDLE & SEAT / IMPROVED DESIGN - holds up under 10psi from fuel pump [ no need to worry about your fuel pump again ], MADE IN THE USA... ea8.75 
 A366353-55STRAINER/SCREEN - under fuel paasageway nut1.95 
 A390053-54SCREW SET - choke butterfly to choke cross shaft / 2pc1.80