1968-82 Arrow GASKET & SEALS



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Body Gasket Sets
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Various Gaskets
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C5172C517268-76FASTENER & BUMPER KIT - rear deck lid vent seal4.95 
B3933B393368-69GASKET - gas cap/locking style, black rubber  CALL
 C257568-82GASKET - small door access plate11.95 
 C401268-73GASKET - tail lamp housing to body, (ea)7.95 
C4014C401468-73GASKET - tail lamp lens, (ea)2.65 
C4016C401668-77GASKET - mirror mount, outside, (ea)2.95 
 C402077-82GASKET - sport mirror mount, (ea)8.00 
C4022C402268GASKET - back-up light lens, (ea)4.50 
B4891B489168-75GASKET - hard top rear deck lid ferrule2.35 
 C402468GASKET SET - back-up lights to body, (pr)8.50 
C4050C405068GASKET SET - body, see chart for details, (24 pc.)38.15 
C4051C405169GASKET SET - body, see chart for details, (22 pc.)38.65 
C4052C405270-72GASKET SET - body, see chart for details, (18 pc.)35.00 
C4002C400273GASKET SET - body, (15 pc.)25.00 
C4026C402668-75GASKET SET - latch bezel on deck lid, soft or hardtop, (pr)6.25 
C2614C261468-82GASKET SET - door handle, (pr)4.35 
 C400468-82GASKET SET - door lock, (pr)1.55 
 C400868-69GASKET SET - park lamp lens, (pr)3.40 
 C401070-72GASKET SET - park lamp lens, (pr)4.50 
C4000C400068-69GASKET SET - side marker lights to body, (4 pc.)7.50 
C3358C335868-75HOSE - coupe rear vent drain, w/o AC, (ea)18.60 
C3474C347478-82SCREW SET - door handle escutcheon/bezel, (2 pc.)1.80 
C4028C402868-72SEAL - lower grille panel to front crossmember17.60 
C3765C376574-81SEAL - accelerator cable at firewall3.40 
C4273C427368-77SEAL KIT - dash gauges, w/speedo, tach lens gaskets, center gauge lens gasket & tell tail gaskets16.85 
C5104C510468-76SEAL KIT - fresh air vent doors, w/rivets, (does both sides)13.00 
C2912C291268-72SEAL KIT - front bumper brace, (pr)9.95 
C4033C403373-79SEAL KIT - front bumper brace, (pr)11.35 
C4001C400168SEAL KIT - rear vent door14.95 
C4005C400569-76SEAL KIT - rear vent door, w/AC12.95 
C4003C400369-76SEAL KIT - rear vent door, w/o AC21.95 
 C403068-82SEAL KIT - upper & lower fender skirt24.15 
A2606A260668-79STAPLE/WIRE KIT - front bumper brace seals4.95 
C4034C403456-82STAPLE KIT - seal installation, (various uses)(25 pc.)4.00 
B4011B401168-75WASHER SET - hardtop rear bolt, rubber, (pr)1.45