1968-82 Arrow HEATER & VENT SYSTEM



1970-82 350 w/AC Hoses and Related Diagram Thumbnail
1970-82 350 w/AC Hoses and Related
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Air Vent and Related Diagram Thumbnail
Air Vent and Related
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Fan, Heater Core, and Related Diagram Thumbnail
Fan, Heater Core, and Related
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Heater Control Vacuum Hoses Diagram Thumbnail
Heater Control Vacuum Hoses
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Heater Control Valve Diagram Thumbnail
Heater Control Valve
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Rear Window Vent Drain Detail Diagram Thumbnail
Rear Window Vent Drain Detail
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Temperature Control Cable Diagram Thumbnail
Temperature Control Cable
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B0350B035068-76BRACKET - heater hose on AC compressor20.70 
B5130B513068-80BRACKET - heater hose retainer6.50 
 C518269-76CABLE - temperature control, w/AC37.45 
 C518369-76CABLE - temperature control, w/o AC34.95 
C5181C518177-82CABLE - temperature control, w/AC35.00 
C5129C512968-74CABLE ASSEMBLY - fresh air vent control, all exc. w/AC, 2 required, each23.35 
B7152B715268-80CAPACITOR - on heater blower motor67.50 
B5161B516168-75CLAMP - rear vent drain hose, repl.2.15 
B5100B510068CLAMP & FASTNER KIT - heater hose on inner fender w/AC13.35 
B5135B513568-71FAN - heater blower motor, plastic, (repl.)31.25 
 C517572-77FAN - heater blower motor27.50 
C5172C517268-76BUMPER KIT - rear deck vent seal fastner, 12 pc.4.95 
B5120B512068-82FITTING - water pump heater hose, 73-82 all, w/AC, correct14.70 
B5138B513868-71FITTING - heater hose, "T" shape11.95 
A5156A515668-80FITTING - heater hose on intake manifold, 1/2" NPT12.95 
B2060B206068-69FITTING - heater hose/on intake, 4279.70 
B2092B209268-72FITTING - water pump, for heater hose, w/o AC, replacement13.25 
C0230C023068-77GASKET KIT - air conditioning/heater box46.65 
C0231C023178-82GASKET KIT - air conditioning/heater box38.95 
C5160C516068-79GASKET KIT - heater box, w/o AC25.95 
C5185C518568-76GRILLE - vent on rear deck lid behind window, (2 req.)(ea)37.95 
C5190C519068-75GRILLE SET - deck vent, chromed, (pr)194.00 
C0251C025172-75HEATER CONTROL UNIT - all with air conditioning / NEW224.95 
C5120C512077-79CONTROL ASSEMBLY - heater/AC, (on console)139.95 
C5120C512077-79CONTROL ASSEMBLY - heater/AC, (on console)139.95 
C5121C512180-82CONTROL ASSEMBLY - heater/AC, (on console)139.95 
C5163C516368HEATER & AC CONTROL - all without AC208.95 
C5106C510668-77HEATER CORE - w/air conditioning79.95 
C5110C511078-82HEATER CORE - w/air conditioning89.95 
C5108C510868-79HEATER CORE - w/o air conditioning82.95 
B2095B209568-74HOSE - bypass, intake to water pump 427/454 8.95 
C3358C335868-75HOSE - plenum drain coupe rear, ea18.60 
C3347C334768-70HOSE SET - plenum drain, roadster rear , 2pc31.95 
C5150C515068-82HOSE - heater, 3/4" w/90 degree molded end on all AC cars33.65 
C5151C515168-82HOSE - heater, 5/8" w/90 degree molded end on all AC cars28.05 
C5141C514168HOSE KIT - heater & AC vacuum, w/AC39.95 
C5142C514269-70HOSE KIT - heater & AC vacuum, w/AC39.00 
C5143C514369-70HOSE KIT - heater & AC vacuum, w/o AC33.15 
C5144C514471-75HOSE KIT - heater & AC vacuum, w/AC34.95 
C5145C514571-75HOSE KIT - heater & AC vacuum, w/o AC29.95 
C5147C514776HOSE KIT - heater & AC vacuum, w/AC41.95 
C5146C514676HOSE KIT - heater & AC vacuum, w/o AC25.90 
C5149C514977-82HOSE KIT - heater & AC vacuum, w/AC40.95 
C5148C514877-79HOSE KIT - heater & AC vacuum, w/o AC31.05 
B2063B206368-79HOSE KIT - heater, w/GM logo, white & red logos, 68-69 all, 70-79 w/o AC48.75 
B5170B517068-82HOSE SET - heater, w/ribs, 68-69 all, 70-79 w/AC31.70 
B5157B515768-82HOSE SET - heater, generic, 68 all, 70-71 w/AC14.95 
 C195369L-76KNOB - air vent control, (w/o AC)7.25 
C1951C195168-69EKNOB SET - vent, w/o air conditioning, (pr)16.85 
C5111C511168LENS - heater/AC selector control, w/AC14.45 
C5109C510968LENS - heater selector control, w/o AC20.45 
C5115C511569-71LENS - heater/AC selector control, w/AC14.45 
C5113C511369-71LENS - heater selector control, w/o AC14.75 
C5117C511772-75LENS - heater/AC selector control20.45 
C5116C511672-75LENS - heater selector control, w/o AC15.50 
C5391C539176LENS - heater/AC selector control14.20 
C4276C427678-82LENS - heater/AC selector control22.95 
 C510777-82LEVER - heater/AC selector control13.25 
 B514268-76MOTOR - heater blower, w/AC39.95 
 B514368-76MOTOR - heater blower, w/o AC39.95 
 C512877-82MOTOR - heater blower36.95 
B5177B517768-82NUT - blower motor fan1.00 
C5186C518668-76NUT SET - rear deck lid vent grill screws, "U" shape, (8 pc.)7.25 
B2062B206268-69PIPE - water pump & intake man. bypass pipe, 427 (press-in type) 6.75 
C5118C511877-82PLATE - heater control face21.95 
C5134C513468REFACE KIT - heater & AC control, w/AC86.95 
C5133C513368REFACE KIT - heater & AC control, w/o AC86.95 
C5136C513669-71REFACE KIT - heater & AC control, w/AC86.95 
C5135C513569-71REFACE KIT - heater & AC control, w/o AC86.95 
C5138C513872-75REFACE KIT - heater & AC control, w/AC89.95 
C5137C513772-75REFACE KIT - heater & AC control, w/o AC86.95 
B0221B022168RELAY - heater/AC blower16.95 
C0235C023569-76RELAY - heater/AC blower21.75 
C0236C023677-79RELAY - heater/AC blower27.60 
 C023780-82RELAY - heater/AC blower7.90 
B5173B517368-79RESISTOR - heater blower motor, all except w/AC19.95 
B0308B030868-69RETAINER - heater valve13.75 
B5127B512768-76RETAINER SET - vent cable, (5 pc.)2.50 
B5179B517968-82SCREW & TERMINAL KIT - heater fan motor mount6.45 
B5107B510768-82SCREW KIT - heater cable to heater box, (2 pc.)1.20 
C5104C510468-82SEAL KIT - fresh air vent doors, w/rivets, does both sides, (pr)13.00 
C5130C513068SEAL KIT - rear deck vent door, astro ventilation15.50 
C5131C513169-76SEAL KIT - rear deck vent door, w/o AC, Astro Ventilation21.95 
C5132C513269-76SEAL KIT - astro ventilation, rear vent door, all w/AC14.95 
C3392C339268-70SHIELD SET - rear vent drain hose, convertible, stainless steel, (pr)31.05 
C3393C339368-75SHIELD SET - rear vent drain hose, coupe, stainless steel, (pr)39.95 
B5150B515068-71STUD PLATE - heater box to firewall, (2 req.)(ea)6.75 
C5161C516168-82STUD SET- heater box to firewall, w/o AC, (includes nut)11.85 
C5119C511969-76SWITCH - climate control/rotary style, 9 port22.95 
C8668C866878-82SWITCH - heater control vacuum actuator [installs on back of heater control]19.95 
C5140C514069-76SWITCH - heater & AC low blower, on heater control11.95 
C0232C023268-69SWITCH - heater, all w/AC, blower low speed, push button, type 2 terminal mounts under dash on heater AC plenum, NOS GM #387028649.95 
C5114C511477-82SWITCH - heater & AC blower control15.95 
 C517677-79VACUUM VALVE - hot water shut off59.95 
 B024968VALVE - heater water control w/AC26.00 
 C020769-70VALVE - heater water control, w/o AC26.25 
C5154C515476-78VALVE - heater water control, all76.30 
 C515379-81VALVE - heater water control, w/AC29.50 
C5100C510082VALVE - heater water control87.45 
 C843768-72VENT OUTLET - air, at firewall, LH or RH, w/o AC, NOS77.00