1968-82 Arrow WHEELS & HUBCAPS



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Center Caps
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Wheel Detail
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S8054S805468CAP - grease, front wheel4.95 
 S805569-82CAP - grease, front wheel, (ea)5.20 
S8019S801968CAP SET - grease, front wheel hub w/dimple, correct, (pr)24.85 
C9404C940468-82CENTER CAP - rally wheel, (4 req.)(ea)79.15 
C9428C942876-79CENTER CAP - aluminum wheel, w/emblem, black16.40 
C9475C947578CENTER CAP - aluminum wheel, w/emblem, Pace Car14.95 
C9430C943080-81CENTER CAP - aluminum wheel, w/emblem, (chrome)16.95 
C9432C943282CENTER CAP - aluminum wheel, w/emblem, (chrome)14.95 
C9455C945568-74CENTER CAP ASSEMBLY - P02 finned wheel cover, 4.5" diameter, chromed, w/emblem and installation kit, (ea)65.25 
 C947068-82CENTER CAP SET - replacement, rally wheel centers, identical to original except they do not feature the "Chevrolet Motor Division" script, made of chrome plated high-impact plastic, (4 pc. car set)69.95 
C9417C941776-82CONE SET - wheel spinner, clear anodized, (4 pc.)49.95 
 G980168-82DRESSING - tire, specially formulated to produce a smooth black even appearance on tires side walls, 23 oz. spray6.50 
C9402C940268-74EMBLEM - finned hubcap center, (ea)29.20 
 C946180-81EMBLEM - aluminum wheel center cap17.95 
 C946282EMBLEM - aluminum wheel center cap9.75 
 C949069-72HUBCAP - P02 finned, original, excellent condition, w/no rim scuffs274.95 
 A940668-82LUG NUT - steel wheels1.00 
 A946168-82LUG NUT SET - steel wheels, (4 wheels)(20 pc.)14.45 
 C943673-82LUG NUT - w/aluminum wheels, chrome, (5 req. per wheel)(ea)3.25 
 C873373-82LUG NUT SET - w/aluminum wheels, (5 pc.)16.90 
 C873473-82LUG NUT SET - w/aluminum wheels, (20 pc.)54.95 
 B943471-82PAINT - rally wheel, bright silver, aerosol can6.50 
G5007G500768-74PAINT - rally wheel, silver green, aerosol can14.95 
G5021G502176-79PAINT - black-out area on aluminum wheels, semi glass black8.50 
B3437B343768-82SCREW SET - Rally wheel center cap emblem, (4 pc.)5.50 
B9423B942368-82SCREW SET - 4 rally wheel center cap emblem, (16 pc.)21.95 
 G030468-82SPINNER KIT - wheel, (set of 4)59.95 
 C941576-82SPINNER KIT - wheel, straight ear w/hardware59.95 
 C941676-82SPINNER KIT - wheel, swept ear w/hardware59.95 
 C940768TRIM RING SET - rally wheel (15x7), repl, (4 pc.)94.95 
C9405C940569-82TRIM RING SET - rally wheel, correct OEM 4 clip style, (4 pc.)499.95 
C9414C941469-82TRIM RING SET - rally wheels, repl., (4 pc.)89.95 
 C940368WHEEL - 7" rally, "AG" code, original/cleaned239.95 
 C940669-82WHEEL -15"X 8" rally 119.95 
 C949678WHEEL - aluminum, pace car w/red strip, (ea)365.00 
 C942468-79WHEEL - aluminum, w/black center, (ea)309.00 
 C942680-82WHEEL - aluminum, w/polished center, (ea)309.00 
 C949868-79WHEEL SET - aluminum, (4 pc.)899.00 
 C949778WHEEL SET - aluminum, pace car w/red stripe, (4 pc.)949.00 
 C949980-82WHEEL SET - aluminum, (4 pc.)899.00 
 G980068-82WHITEWALL RESTORER - restores white sidewall tires to their original white luster, removes scuffs & grease, 32 oz. 4.95