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Battery and Related
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Battery Cable Area
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Battery Cables
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Battery Disconnect Switch
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 C072668-82ADAPTER - converts side post battery to accept top post design cable2.50 
 C071068-69EBATTERY - Delco Energizer R59S, top post, w/correct caps and hoses329.00 
 C0710X68-69BATTERY - R59S EQUIVELANT/GENERIC, top post159.95 
 C070368-69EBATTERY - Delco Energizer R59S, top post, heavy duty299.00 
 C072569L-70EBOLT - battery cable, side terminal, w/7/16" head, NOS (after SN #22081 1969)6.95 
B0731B073168-82BOLT - battery hold-down1.75 
 C070470-82CABLE - battery, positive, (70-79 replacement)90.05 
C0715C071568-71CABLE - battery, ground, starter to frame34.70 
 C070068-71CABLE - starter to frame, ground32.00 
 C071972-82CABLE - starter to frame, ground36.85 
C0701C070168-69ECABLE SET - battery, spring ring, 2 gauge heavy duty cable, as original, for top post battery129.95 
C0722C072269LCABLE SET - battery, side post battery, 2 gauge w/grommets, (pr)108.00 
 C071270CABLE SET - battery, side post battery, 2 gauge, w/grommet, (pr)124.00 
 C071371CABLE SET - battery, side post battery, 2 gauge, w/grommet, (pr)124.00 
 C072372-74CABLE SET - battery, side post battery, 0 gauge w/grommets, (pr)130.00 
 C072475-79CABLE SET - battery, side post battery, 0 gauge w/grommets, (pr)124.00 
B0716B071668-82CLAMP - battery hold down w/bolt5.95 
 A076768-72DATING SERVICE - battery, on Delco Energizer25.00 
A0713A071368-82FELT SET - battery terminals, prevents corrosion, (pr)3.25 
C0714C071468-75HOSE SET - battery cap vent, (pr)9.10 
C5887C588768INSULATION SET - jack/battery compartment, correct materials as original, (2 pc.)83.35 
C0721C072168-82MAT - under battery, prevents corrosion, 8"x 12" 6.95 
C0720C072068-82REINFORCEMENT - battery hold down, front, rivets to underbody8.40 
C0730C073068-82REINFORCEMENT - battery hold-down, rear9.00 
C0717C071768-82RETAINER/CLAMP - battery, rivets to floor4.50 
C0705C070568-75STRAP - battery cable retainer, positive cable to engine block on RH side, Plastisol dipped as original11.95 
B5150B515068-82STUD PLATE-negative battery cable to underbody tunnel, (6 req.)(ea)6.75 
 C071868-82SWITCH - battery disconnect, side post style14.95 
A0700A070053-82SWITCH - battery disconnect, top post style battery13.25