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Body Mounting & Reinforcements
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Rivet Sets
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 A090153-57BODY MOUNT KIT - w/radiator mounting hardware89.95 
 A090558-62BODY MOUNT KIT - w/radiator mounting hardware74.95 
A0906A090653-62BOLT SET - body to frame, "TR" headmark (10 pc) (TR bolts are not included in kits A0901 or A0905)23.25 
A0564A056456-62BOLT SET - body to frame, "UR" headmark, (10pc)25.65 
 A091258-62BOLT SET - nose support rods, "TR" head mark (2 pc)6.75 
A0969A096956-62BRACKET SET - front body mount reinforcement, (pr)52.00 
 A090458-62BRACKET SET - nose support rods, w/rivets (pr)14.95 
A0970A097056-62BRACKET SET- rear body mount reinforcement, (pr)51.00 
 A207053-62MOUNTING KIT - radiator support, lower, w/2 carriage bolts16.95 
A5759A575961-62MOUNTING PLATE - underbody, seat front, LH, (2 req), (ea)10.00 
A5760A576061-62MOUNTING PLATE - underbody, seat front, RH, (2 req), (ea)10.00 
 A097653-62PAD SET - body mount, ribbed rubber (8 pc)14.95 
A0565A056560-62REINFORCEMENT - inside rear, steel located at base of door striker pillar (steel), LH 29.25 
A0566A056660-62REINFORCEMENT - inside rear, steel located at base of door striker pillar (steel), RH29.95 
A0995A099558-62REINFORCEMENT - seat belt, inside LH, w/rivets & stud24.00 
 A099456-57REINFORCEMENT - seat belt, inside LH, w/rivets, w/o stud24.00 
A0998A099858-62REINFORCEMENT - seat belt, inside RH, w/rivets & stud22.00 
A0997A099756-57REINFORCEMENT - seat belt, inside RH, w/rivets, w/o stud 24.00 
A0996A099658-62REINFORCEMENT - seat belt, w/weld nuts, outside position (2 req) (ea)24.00 
A0956A095656-59REINFORCEMENT SET - front body mount, w/straps, alum.(pr)59.00 
A0962A096260-62REINFORCEMENT SET - front body mount, w/straps, steel (pr)61.25 
A0990A099056-57REINFORCEMENT SET - lower inner fender to cowl, metal (pr)49.50 
A0991A099158-62REINFORCEMENT SET - lower inner fender to cowl, metal (pr)58.30 
A0958A095856-59REINFORCEMENT SET - rear body mount, aluminum (pr)45.55 
A0930A093056-57REINFORCEMENT SET - upper inner fender to cowl, metal (pr)49.50 
A0932A093258-59EREINFORCEMENT SET - upper inner fender to cowl, metal (pr)49.50 
A0933A093359L-62REINFORCEMENT SET - upper inner fender to cowl, metal (pr)58.30 
A6926A692656-62RETAINER - door striker nut plate, 3 hole (behind hinge pillar)17.95 
A0971A097161-62RETAINER PLATE - underbody front seat, LH8.40 
A0972A097261-62RETAINER PLATE - underbody front seat, RH8.40 
A5708A570853-62RETAINER PLATE - w/weld nut, seat hold down (56-60 req. 14, 61-62 req. 6 (ea)6.00 
A5710A571056-60RETAINER PLATE KIT - seat hold down, front & rear (14 pc)54.25 
A5712A571261-62RETAINER PLATE KIT - seat hold down, rear (6 pc)23.85 
A0915A091561-62RETAINER PLATE KIT - underbody (18 pc)110.75 
A0913A091356-60RETAINER PLATE KIT - underbody (22 pc)116.65 
A3910A391056-62RETAINER SET - gas tank straps, front, (pr)13.80 
A3909A390956-62 RETAINER/NUT PLATE - rear underbody gas tank strap, rear11.45 
A0909A090953-62RIVET SET - body assembly, counter sunk flat head, aluminum (25 pc)5.95 
A0911A091153-62RIVET SET - body assembly, round head, aluminum (25 pc)5.95 
A0914A091456-62RIVET SET - round head, 1/8"x3/8", GM #455622 aluminum (25 pc)4.05 
 A090058-62ROD SET - nose support (pr)24.95 
A8564A856456-62SHIELD - drive shaft, underbody on fiberglass transmission tunnel cover, must be riveted in place49.00 
 A097453-62SHIM SET - body mount, cardboard (10 pc)21.00 
A0927A092756-62SHIM SET - body mount, metal (12 pc)21.00