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Deck Lid
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Jam Nut and Washer Set
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Rear Deck Lid
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 B485663-67BAG - hard top wrench3.50 
B4824B482463-67BOLT - carriage, hold-down, on rear of hard top3.25 
A4818A481863-67BOLT - hard top hold-down, (stainless steel)(4 req.)(ea)6.90 
B4820B482063-67BUMPER SET - rear hard top bolts, (2 pc.)3.40 
B7539B753963-67CABLE - deck lid lock release, (2 req.)(ea)8.50 
B0958B095863-67CAGE & NUT - rear deck lid hinge, (2 req.)(ea.)13.95 
B4896B489663-67CATCH - deck lid on body, (2 req.)(ea)26.30 
B7544B754463-67CLAMP & BOLT KIT - cable on release mechanism, deck lid, (4 pc.)10.50 
B7546B754663-67CLAMP & BOLT KIT - deck lid release cable on deck lid, (4 pc.)8.50 
B7580B758063-67FASTENER KIT - convertible top lock on deck lid6.30 
B4826B482663-67FERRULE - in deck lid, hard top hold-down9.10 
B4818B481863-67GASKET - hard top, rear deck lid, ferrule2.85 
A4054A405463-67GASKET SET - hard top anchor nut, (pr)2.10 
B7547B754763GASKET SET - rear soft top locks on deck lid, rubber, (pr)4.50 
B4024B402464-67GASKET SET - rear soft top locks on deck lid, plastic, (pr)4.90 
B4893B489363-67GROMMET - deck lid release cable, (2 req.)(ea)1.95 
B7545B754563-67LATCH ASSEMBLY - deck lid side, (2 req.)(ea)49.25 
B4892B489263-67LATCH RELEASE MECHANISM - on deck lid49.95 
B7560B756063-67LOCK ASSEMBLY - rear conv. top hold-down on deck lid99.90 
 B488063-67MOUNT KIT - hard top, w/ (2) A4818 (2) A4860 (2) A4862 & (1)A405423.50 
A4860A486063-67NUT - hard top hold down on deck lid, (stainless steel)6.80 
A4862A486263-67NUT - retainer nut to hold stainless steel hardtop nut on deck lid, installes from bottom side of deck lid, jamb type, (ea)1.00 
 B482163-67NUT & WASHER SET - rear hard top bolts, (4 pc.)1.00 
B7532B753263-67PLATE - soft top deck lid striker w/rivets8.75 
B7540B754063-67PLATE KIT - deck lid strikers, on body, w/rivets, (pr)17.75 
B4828B482863-67PLUG/BUTTON SET - hard top ferrule on deck lid, (pr)3.40 
 B488763-67PROTECTOR - deck lid, hard top25.95 
 B488663-67PROTECTOR - deck lid, soft top25.95 
B7530B753063-67RETAINER - rear soft top catch on deck lid, (2 req.)(ea)4.35 
B5236B523663-67RETAINER/GUIDE - deck lid latch cable, brass, w/single screw, (pr)4.65 
B2687B268763-67SCREW SET - deck lid alignment wedges, (8 pc.)4.15 
B7554B755463-67SCREW SET - deck lid catch on body, (6 pc.)9.25 
B7595B759563-67SCREW SET - deck lid hinge, top & bottom, (6 pc.)6.25 
B4895B489563-67SCREW SET - deck lid release mechanism4.00 
B7542B754263-67SCREW SET - latch on deck lid catch, (6 pc.)9.00 
B3483B348363-67SCREW SET - soft top latch on deck lid, (16 pc.)4.25 
B2688B268863-67SHIM - deck lid alignment/wedge2.95 
B7593B759363-67SHIM - deck lid hinge & deck lid hinge spring, (1/16")1.00 
B7541B754163-67SHIM SET - anti-skid, for deck lid catch, (4 pc.)23.35 
B7522B752263-67SPRING - deck lid hinge 9.95 
B4894B489463-67SPRING - latch release mechanism4.75 
B2659B265963-67WEDGE KIT - deck lid align, on deck lid & body, (2 metal and 2 plastic wedges w/ 8 screws & 4 shims)42.95