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Carburetors: Linkage - Firewall to Carburetor


1956-61 Dual Four Linkage Diagram Thumbnail
1956-61 Dual Four Linkage
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Gas Pedal Area Diagram Thumbnail
Gas Pedal Area
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Throttle Arm Diagram Thumbnail
Throttle Arm
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A3797A379756-57ARM - throttle, at firewall34.00 
A3722A372258-62ARM - throttle, at firewall21.95 
A3641A364156-62BOLT & NUT - accelerator lever, "TR" headmark5.05 
 A373856-62EBRACKET - throttle return spring, 1x4 accelerator17.30 
A3742A374262BRACKET - throttle return spring, 1x4 accelerator, all 340hp, early 300hp thru 3/7/6212.65 
 A373256-61BRACKET - throttle return spring, 2x4 front or rear carburetor [2 required, each]7.95 
A3745A374562BRACKET - throttle return spring, all 250hp, late 300hp10.00 
A3746A374656-62BUSHING & INSERT KIT - accelerator rod3.80 
A3947A394756-61CARBURETOR KIT - WCFB 2x4, Dual quad (2 req ea)37.95 
A3611A361156-61CLIP - throttle rod, 1/4" RH, (56-61 2x4 linkage), (ea)2.30 
A3747A374756-62INSTALLATION KIT - accelerator rod (2 grommets, 2 sleeves w/swivel & cotter keys)13.80 
A0577A057753-55LINKAGE KIT - between carburetor, 6 cylinder-2nd design, after serial # 1136- 2 cross links, 109.95 
A3726A372656-61LINKAGE KIT - 2x4, w/all rods, brackets, springs and hardware52.95 
A3892A389258-62NUT PLATE - accelerator pivot on firewall11.65 
 A360758-62PIVOT & ROD - accelerator system at firewall (includes A3605 & A3603)53.95 
A3605A360558-62PIVOT - accelerator rod at firewall20.45 
 A363856-57ROD & BRACKET - accelerator pedal to arm/ pre-owned165.00 
A3603A360358-62ROD - accelerator pedal to pivot38.45 
A374455-62ROD - accelerator, all single 4 barrels17.50 
A3798A379856-62SEAL - accelerator rod linkage, at firewall located under firewall insulation (2-1/2" OD 3/4" thick)10.05 
 A373353-55SPRING - accelerator return, 6 cylinder18.95 
A3729A372955-60SPRING - accelerator return, 1x4, black10.85 
A3728A372856-61SPRING - accelerator return, 2x4, front10.95 
A3730A373056-61SPRING - accelerator return, 2x4, rear10.95 
A3734A373461-62SPRING - accelerator return,1x4,except 1962 340hp, lime green10.45 
A3740A374062SPRING - accelerator return, 1x4, 340hp, white10.25 
B3715B371556-62SWIVEL - accelerator rod, on linkage6.20