1953-62 Arrow ENGINE ASSEMBLY & COMPONENTS: AIR CLEANERS, ALTERNATORS, BLOCKS, CARBURETORS, DISTRIBUTORS, FUEL PUMPS, GENERATORS, HEADS, IGNITION SHIELDING, STARTERS, VALVE COVERS, WATER PUMPS & MORE Arrow Fuel System - Carburetors, Carburetor Parts, Tags, Fuel Filters, Fuel Pumps, Lines & Accelerator Linkage Arrow Carburetors: WCFB Parts & Fittings - Single 4 Barrel / 1X4

Carburetors: WCFB Parts & Fittings - Single 4 Barrel / 1X4

A3387A338755-57ACCELERATOR PUMP ASSEMBLY - with fluorelastomer pump cup/alcohol resistant16.75 
 A334155-57 ACCELERATOR PUMP ASSEMBLY - with leather pump cup16.75 
 A339358-62ACCELERATOR PUMP ASSEMBLY - WCFB/solid shaft with fluorelastomer pump cup/alcohol resistant16.75 
A3890A389057-62BAFFLE/HEAT SHIELD - w/retainer spring, inserts in choke cover, all 1x4 carburetors [does not include choke spring ]45.95 
A3791A379155EBELL CRANK KIT - w/rod & stud mount on Carter WCFB #221874.00 
L0128L0128BOOK - "Carter Carburetors: Performance, Street & Off Road Applications"26.15 
A3778A377855-62BRACKET - metering rods / WCFB8.95 
 A397362BOWL/MAIN BODY - WCFB casting # 1451 reconditioned95.00 
A3746A374656-62BUSHING & INSERT KIT - accelerator rod3.80 
A3623A362359-62CAM - trip lever9.95 
 A395555-62CARBURETOR STAND KIT - elevates carb 2" (4pc)5.95 
 A333355-56ECHOKE BASE/HOUSING - choke, for use on 6-889, 6-1020 & 6-1098 WCFB lids, orig./recond. 85.00 
 A382156LCHOKE BASE/HOUSING - w/side provision for heat tube (orig./recond.)85.00 
A3835A383557-58CHOKE BASE/HOUSING - does not have threaded end for choke tube.62.95 
 A372459-62CHOKE BASE/HOUSING - choke , w/piston & link, WCFB carburetor, reconditioned79.95 
A3891A389155-56CHOKE COVER - Carter #AB238S, (all 1x4 as OEM) (correct as original)29.25 
A3709A370957-62CHOKE COVER - Carter WCFB (w/brass insert)42.95 
A4025A402555-62CHOKE COVER - electric / all w/WCFB22.95 
A4037A403755-62CHOKE FLAP - all WCFB 16.95 
A0099A009956LCHOKE KIT - choke base w/ cover, choke cross shaft, piston & link, butterfly & installation hardware, as original97.50 
A3960A396055-58CHOKE LINKAGE KIT - LH side of carburetor from base plate to choke shaft, links, cam, dog legs, rod & lock out, (7pc)71.75 
A3667A366759-62CHOKE LINKAGE KIT - LH side of carburetor from base plate to choke shaft, links, cam, dog legs, rod & lockout (7 pc)59.95 
A3625A362555-62CHOKE THERMOSTATIC SPRING - inserts in choke cover10.95 
A4057A405755-62CLAMP/RETAINER - choke shaft, (LH)14.95 
A3668A366859-62CROSS SHAFT - choke flap24.95 
A4088A408855-62COVER - metering rods, WCFB 4 barrel w/pop up vent, used29.95 
A3843A384359-62FILTER - WCFB 1x4 carburetor, installs behind fuel inlet nut on carburetor lid/bronze metal4.75 
A3783A378359-62FITTING - fuel inlet, WCFB8.25 
A3714A371458-62FITTING - vacuum, for washer system or automatic tranmission, installs on carbiretor at rear21.55 
A3837A383755-62FLOAT - front 55/62, rear 55/56, WCFB carburetor, (original/reconditioned), guaranteed42.95 
A3887A388757-62FLOAT - rear w/saddle, WCFB, carburetor, (orig./recond.), guaranteed42.95 
A3887KA3887K57-62FLOAT KIT - one with and one without saddle, brass, original, tested79.95 
A0126A012658-62GASKET - air cleaner to carburetor, WCFB4.35 
A3968A396855-62GASKET - choke cover to choke base, WCFB2.50 
 A355559-62GASKET - fuel inlet1.00 
A3882A388257-62GASKET - inserts between choke heat shield & choke cover, WCFB/AFB2.50 
 A369355-58GASKET - lid/top to wcfb main body3.25 
 G70055-61GASKET - main body to base plate/small bore4.50 
 G52762GASKET - main body to base plate/large bore4.50 
A0149A014955-57GASKET - WCFB, air cleaner to carburetor8.00 
A3747A374756-62INSTALLATION KIT - accelerator rod (2 grommets, sleeve & swivel)13.80 
 A407159-62JET SET - single 4 barrel wcfb's 2818s, 3059s, 3190s & 3191s, size .086/2pc6.95 
 A405555-62LINK - top of accelerator pump, "C" shaped3.95 
A3665A366559-62LOCKOUT - fast idle cam w/spring, stamped 26319.95 
A3664A366459-62LOCKOUT ARM - LH side of carburetor on shouldered screw14.95 
 A369458-62LOCKOUT CAM - auxilary air valve, LH side 12.95 
A4045A404555-62LEVEL - accelerator pump cross shaft on lid, w/screw9.95 
A4039A403955-62LEVER - vent bowl opener on accelerator pump cross shaft, w/screw24.95 
 A362755LID - WCFB # 2218S OR 2351S - casting # 1020 reconditioned 174.95 
3909K3909K55-56METERING ROD SET - 2218s, 2351s & 2366S/SA39.90 
3909k57-61METERING ROD SET - HI ALTITUDE UPDATE / for use in small bore WCFB's number 2505S, 2555S, 2655S, 2818S & 3059S, and applications over 5000 feet39.90 
A4089A408962METERING ROD - WCFB/Chevy w/327 engine #1586 17.95 
 A350955-62NEEDLE & SEAT ASSEMBLY - 2 required, each6.95 
 A351755-62NEEDLE & SEAT SET - advanced roto design / holds up under 10psi from fuel pump [ no need to worry about your fuel pump again ], 2 pc.13.95 
A1533A153355-58NUT - hex, carburetor top, Carter/ WCFB aluminum15.00 
 A342755-62PISTON - vacuum/metering rods, WCFB19.95 
 A382755-62PLATE - secondary baffle, in choke housing, slotted steel11.40 
 A2554X57-61PLATE SET - w/screws, auxiliary air valve, all w/1X4, 2 plates & 4 screws12.95 
 A382357-62RETAINER - Carter WCFB choke cover9.00 
A3697A369755-62ROD - accelerator pump/front LH corner12.00 
 A396959-62ROD - choke lever (behind choke base) to choke cross shaft, WCFB7.95 
A3692A369255-62ROD - choke LH - choke cross shaft to lockout9.00 
 A394155-62SCREW - fast idle, WCFB carburetor5.95 
 A369558-62SCREW - fastens lockout cam to auxilary air valve shaft1.00 
A3849A384955-62SCREW KIT - Phillister head type, replaces all Phillister screws on WCFB carb. (1 set required per carb/does not include base to body screws)10.50 
 A375058-62SCREW SET - choke cover retainer, phillister head, (3 pc)1.35 
 A390055-62SCREW SET - choke butterfly to choke cross shaft / 2pc1.80 
 A397159-61SCREW SET - choke housing to carburetor, WCFB, (3 pc.)1.95 
A0043A004355-62SCREWS - fast idle on LH side of carburetor5.95 
 A352955-62SCREW/PLUG - accelerator pump discharge well7.50 
 A406555-57SHAFT - accelerator pump actuating / on lid, w/o spring, attaches to accelerator pump rod39.95 
 A404158-62SHAFT - accelerator pump actuating / on lid, w/spring, attaches to accelerator pump rod 32.00 
 A389755LSHAFT - throttle, w/arm, Carter #2351 WCFB149.95 
 A404356-62SPRING - accelerator pump cross shaft on lid5.00 
 A397655-62SPRING - fast idle & idle air screws, WCFB carburetor2.25 
A4029A402955-62SPRING - metering rods / holds metering rods to T bracket7.50 
 B317659-62SPRING - fuel filter1.50 
A3450A345055-62SPRING - under accelerator pump7.75 
A3440A344055-62SPRING - under metering rod piston6.95 
A3780A378055-58STRAINER - fuel, WCFB 1x4, under 3/4 nut on carburetor lid2.95 
 A366355-58STRAINER/SCREEN - under fuel paasageway nut1.95 
A3625A362555-62THERMOSTATIC SPRING - choke, inserts in choke cover10.95 
A3536A353655-61THROTTLE PLATE SET - all 1X4 WCFBs, 265/283 engines, 2 plates stamped 2-92 & 4 installation screws, 6pcs12.95 
 A253155-62TOOL - carburetor idle air adjusting.flexible5.95