1968-82 Arrow ANTENNA



1969-82 Non-Power Antenna Diagram Thumbnail
1969-82 Non-Power Antenna
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1978-82 Power Antenna Diagram Thumbnail
1978-82 Power Antenna
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B0532B053268ANTENNA ASSEMBLY - complete, (w/o cable)49.00 
 C051869-73ANTENNA ASSEMBLY - complete, (w/o power antenna)74.95 
 C054079-82ANTENNA ASSEMBLY - power / all except w/CB154.95 
B0519B051968BODY/BASE - antenna24.95 
B0544B054468CABLE - antenna to radio, 160"45.45 
C0534C053469-74ECABLE - antenna to radio, 177"45.00 
C0505C050574L-82CABLE - antenna to radio, 129"29.25 
 C053274-82CABLE - antenna to radio, 120" 18.65 
C0500C050078CABLE - antenna extension cable34.95 
 C045268-77CONVERSION KIT - power antenna, black 186.40 
 C055068-71CONVERSION KIT - power antenna, chrome134.45 
B0526B052668-82GASKET - antenna mount, (w/o power antenna)2.25 
 C055268-77GROUND STRAP - antenna5.65 
 C050478-82GROUND STRAP - antenna14.30 
C1039C103978EHARNESS - power antenna, radio to relay, all 1st design, courtesy lamp timer located to left of steering column19.70 
C1040C104078LHARNESS - power antenna, radio to relay, all 2nd design, courtesy lamp timer located to right of glove box19.70 
C1090C109079HARNESS - power antenna, radio to antenna19.70 
C1089C108979HARNESS - power antenna, radio to relay19.70 
C1091C109180-82HARNESS - power antenna, radio to relay22.00 
B0534B053468MAST - antenna15.00 
C0522C052269-82MAST - fixed antenna, (w/o power antenna)15.00 
B0546B054668MOUNTING KIT - antenna, (chrome nut, bezel & gasket)13.00 
 C053669-77MOUNTING KIT - antenna, (chrome nut, bezel & gasket)15.35 
B0522B052268NUT - antenna7.95 
C0588C058869-82NUT - antenna mast, w/o power antenna3.00 
C0524C052469-82NUT - antenna, w/o power antenna10.50 
 C054479-82NUT - antenna, w/power antenna6.50 
C0530C053068-73PLATE - antenna mount ground26.95 
 C053174-77PLATE - antenna mount ground24.95 
 C050878-79PLATE - antenna mount ground/without power antenna19.95 
 C055878-79RELAY - power antenna37.50 
 C050678-82REPAIR KIT - power antenna mast, w/o CB, w/instructions & finial50.25 
 B050868SPACER - antenna mount6.95 
C0554C055469-82SPACER - antenna, w/o power antenna8.75