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Carburetors: Fuel Filters


Filter Assembly Diagram Thumbnail
Filter Assembly
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Fuel Filter Element Diagram Thumbnail
Fuel Filter Element
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A3781A378155-62FILTER - fuel, original molded GF124, brown colored, NOS23.95 
A3731A373155-62FILTER - fuel, GF124, replacement paper style11.95 
A3768A376862FILTER - fuel, F.I., GF 90/silver finish w/red script42.95 
A3843A384359-62FILTER - WCFB 1x4 carburetor, installs behind fuel inlet nut on carburetor lid/bronze metal4.75 
A3737A373753-58FILTER ASSEMBLY - fuel, domed, w/large "AC" w/internal filter72.50 
 A376553-58FILTER ASSEMBLY - fuel, original large "AC" on top, glass bowl w/ac logo & new NOS brown filter/ restored149.95 
 A379059-61FILTER ASSEMBLY - fuel, original "AC" TM on upper fuel passageway surface not on the flat surface, used with A3731 fuel filter, recondition, without internal filter64.95 
A3766A376653-62FILTER ASSEMBLY - fuel, 1x4 and 2x4 w/filter element, AC logo GF-48, but not as original39.95 
A3780A378055-61STRAINER - fuel, WCFB 1x4, under 3/4 aluminum nut on carburetor lid2.95