1968-82 Arrow DECK LID - Convertible

DECK LID - Convertible


Deck Lid Assembly Diagram Thumbnail
Deck Lid Assembly
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Deck Lid Fasteners Diagram Thumbnail
Deck Lid Fasteners
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Latch and Related Diagram Thumbnail
Latch and Related
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Lid Lock Pin Set Diagram Thumbnail
Lid Lock Pin Set
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C4820C482068-75BEZEL - soft/hard top rear deck lid latch, chrome34.95 
C7591C759168-75BOLT - convertible deck lid, pivot type12.00 
A4818A481868-75BOLT - hard top hold-down/side, stainless steel, (4 req.)(ea)6.90 
C7513C751368-75BRACKET - convertible rear bow lock pin52.00 
C7555C755568-75BUMPER - convertible hold down on deck lid10.95 
C5807C580772-75BUMPER - convertible seat back on deck lid15.95 
C7516C751668-75BUSHING - deck lid, lower guide pin, on body2.65 
B7539B753968-75CABLE - deck lid lock release, (2 req.)(ea)8.50 
B4896B489668-75CATCH - deck lid on body, 2 req. ea26.30 
B7544B754468-75CLAMP & BOLT KIT - deck lid cable on release mechanism, (4 pc.)10.50 
B7546B754668-75CLAMP & BOLT KIT - deck lid release cable on deck lid, (4 pc.)8.50 
 C756568-75DECK LID - used  CALL
B4826B482668-75FERRULE - in deck lid hard top hold-down9.10 
A4054A405468-75GASKET SET - hard top anchor nut2.10 
C4026C402668-75GASKET SET - latch bezel on deck lid, (pr)6.25 
B4893B489368-75GROMMET - deck lid release cable, (2 req.)(ea)1.95 
 C926468-75HINGE ASSEMBLY - deck lid, LH, used  CALL
 C926368-75HINGE ASSEMBLY - deck lid, RH, used  CALL
C7525C752568-75LATCH - convertible rear, on deck lid, LH75.00 
C7526C752668-75LATCH - convertible rear, on deck lid, RH75.00 
B7545B754568-75LATCH ASSEMBLY - deck lid side, (2 req.)(ea)49.25 
C7528C752868-75LEVER - rear bow lock, convertible9.00 
C7566C756668-75MECHANISM - deck lid release latch, used45.00 
A4862A486268-75NUT - hard top anchor hold down, jamb type, (ea)1.00 
A4860A486068-75NUT - hard top retainer on deck lid, stainless steel6.80 
C7518C751868-72PIN/LOCK - rear convertible guide, 68 repl. 2 req. ea.9.95 
C7558C755868-75PROTECTOR - deck lid surface, convertible top, black31.00 
 C755768-75PROTECTOR - deck lid surface, convertible top, clear31.00 
 C756068-75PROTECTOR - deck lid surface, hard top, black27.95 
C7559C755968-75PROTECTOR - deck lid surface, hard top, clear30.95 
C7532C753268-70REINFORCEMENT - deck lid hinge, convertible, LH, on floor38.75 
C7533C753368-70REINFORCEMENT - deck lid hinge, convertible, RH, on floor36.20 
C7534C753471-75REINFORCEMENT - deck lid hinge, convertible, LH, on floor31.00 
C7535C753571-75REINFORCEMENT - deck lid hinge, convertible, RH, on floor31.00 
B5236B523668-75RETAINER/GUIDE - release cable, w/ single screw, (2 req.)(pr)4.65 
C7590C759068-75ROD - rear bow lock release , center, w/nuts & clip13.95 
 C754468-75ROD SET W/HARDWARE - deck lid release, 2 rods & attaching parts19.95 
B7554B755468-75SCREW SET - deck lid catch to body, 8 pc.9.25 
B7595B759568-75SCREW SET - deck lid hinge, top & bottom, 10 pc.6.25 
B4895B489568-75SCREW SET - deck lid release mechanism4.00 
B7542B754268-75SCREW SET - latch on deck lid, 6 pc.9.00 
B7593B759368-75SHIM - deck lid hinge & deck lid hinge spring, 1/16"1.00 
B7541B754168-75SHIM SET - anti skid, for deck lid catch, (4 pc.)23.35 
B7522B752268-75SPRING - deck lid hinge9.95 
B4894B489468-75SPRING - latch release mechanism4.75 
C4828C482868-75STRIKER PLATE/CATCH SET - w/rivets, convertible top striker on body, stainless, (pr)11.95 
C7523C752368-69WEDGE - deck lid alignment, on lid, brass, (ea)41.50