1953-62 Arrow FRAME



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 A285355-62BRACKET - engine mount on frame, front, LH169.95 
 A285155-62BRACKET - engine mount on frame, front, RH169.95 
A0903A090353-62BRACKET - front body mount, side frame44.00 
 A093853-62BRACKET - rear axle rebound rubber bumpers30.20 
 A092853-62BRACKET - rear body mount, side frame, LH65.00 
 A092953-62BRACKET - rear body mount, side frame, RH65.00 
 A093753-62BRACKET - rebound strap on frame, rear (2 req., per side)(ea)23.95 
 A093653-62BRACKET-rebound strap on frame, rear, w/o lip (2 req. per side, ea)18.10 
 A093555-62BRACKET/REINFORCEMENT SET - front side motor mounts, "L", w/o gussets, welds to frame (2 req. per side)49.00 
A0917A091753-62CROSS MEMBER - center "X", frame rail to frame rail795.00 
 A092053-62CROSSMEMBER - rear above shocks358.95 
 A090753-62CROSSMEMBER - rear of frame (53-55 replacement only)359.00 
 A077053-55DETAILING KIT - chassis129.95 
A0771A077156-62DETAILING KIT - chassis149.95 
A0973A097353-62FRAME - complete, tubular6395.00 
 G501253-62PAINT - frame & chassis, asphalt based, black, quart23.95 
A0902A090256-62RIVET SET - rear crossmember to frame6.15 
 A200558-62SUPPORT SET - body on frame, in front of kick-up on rail (pr)74.95