56-62 Gas Tank Diagram Thumbnail
56-62 Gas Tank
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61-62 Gas Door Area Diagram Thumbnail
61-62 Gas Door Area
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Gas Door Area Diagram Thumbnail
Gas Door Area
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A3855A385556-62BOLT SET - fuel line frame clip set, "LG" headmark (4 pc)4.65 
A3907A390753-62BOLT SET - gas tank strap mount (4 pc)2.95 
A3934A393461-62BUMPER - gas door stop, rubber (2 req)(ea)2.45 
 A394053-62CAP - gas (replacement)19.95 
 A393657-58CAP - gas / as original43.75 
A4031A403158-62CAP - fuel with FE logo -as original44.25 
A3931A393153-62CAP - gas, locking, chrome plated w/2 keys (repl.)19.95 
G2600G260053-57CAULK - steering column cowl plate, (10 1-foot strips)7.95 
A3922A392253-62CLAMP SET - connector filler hose (pr)5.00 
A3926A392656-62CLIP & SCREW KIT - gas tank vent hose4.65 
A1138A113856L-58CLIP - double, fuel/brake, along rail, 3/8"5.25 
A1137A113756ECLIP - double, fuel/brake, along rail, 5/16"5.25 
A3819A381961L-62CONNECTOR - ribbed rubber hose w/clamps, meter to main gas line (3 pc)16.55 
A3811A381153-57ECONNECTOR/FITTING - long tank to pump gas line4.95 
A3817A381757L-61ECONNECTOR/FITTING - long tank to pump gas line3.75 
A3950A395056-62COVER - gas tank/fiberglass195.00 
A7546A754656-62FELT - window protector, on gas tank cover, black53.85 
A0772A077253-55FELT - window protector, on gas tank cover, tan44.00 
A3815A381556-62FITTING - flexible gas line to pump, special correct 45 degree (56 2x4 only)16.30 
 A386257-62FITTING - flexible gas line, special 45 degree 5.95 
A3961A396156-60GAS DOOR & HINGE ASSEMBLY166.95 
 A396261-62GAS DOOR & HINGE - original, reconditioned149.95 
A4101A410153-55GAS PEDAL31.95 
A4104A410456-57GAS PEDAL22.50 
A4108A410858-62GAS PEDAL23.00 
A3918A391856-62GASKET - gas tank sending unit5.30 
A3904A390453-62GROMMET - gas neck 11.95 
A4048A404853-62GROMMET - gas tank vent hose2.95 
A3930A393056-62HOSE - gas tank filler overflow, drain 5.55 
A3924A392457-62HOSE - gas tank vent10.45 
A3863A386354HOSE - front to rear fuel line to fuel pump/rubber w/fittings27.45 
A4078A407855-56HOSE - front to rear fuel line to fuel pump/rubber w/fittings, 5/16"32.95 
A4079A407956-57HOSE - front to rear fuel line to fuel pump/rubber w/fittings, 3/8"27.95 
A3860A386058-62HOSE - front to rear fuel line to fuel pump/rubber w/fittings19.95 
A3920A392056-62HOSE KIT - gas tank to filler neck, w/correct clamps20.95 
A3853A385361-62HOSE KIT - ribbed fuel line to sending unit, w/clamps16.55 
A3946A394661-62HOSE KIT - rubber fuel tank sender to long line w/2 tower clamps12.10 
 A399061-62HOUSING - gas door compartment /fiberglass pm/white139.95 
 A380053LINE - gas (2 pc)77.75 
 A382554LINE - gas, tank to pump, w/union (2 pc)77.75 
 A380355LINE - gas, w/union (2 pc)63.25 
 A383856-57LINE - gas, 3/8" front section only27.50 
 A384458-61ELINE - gas, 3/8" front to rear w/spiral armor40.95 
 A383656-57LINE - gas, 3/8" middle section only20.00 
 A384056-57LINE - gas, 3/8" stainless steel, tank-to-pump set (3 pc)78.50 
 A383956-57LINE - gas, 3/8" steel, tank-to-pump set (3 pc)59.00 
A3834A383456-61ELINE - gas, 3/8" top tank line only18.35 
 A383056ELINE - gas, 5/16" front section only18.35 
 A382856ELINE - gas, 5/16" middle section only21.70 
 A383256ELINE - gas, 5/16" stainless steel, tank-to-pump set (3 pc)77.50 
 A383156ELINE - gas, 5/16" steel w/union, tank-to-pump (3 pc)77.50 
 A382656ELINE - gas, 5/16" top tank line only18.35 
A3856A385655-56LINE - gas, flexible, 8 cylinder with 5/16"13.95 
 A384658-61ELINE - gas, stainless steel 2 pc. tank to pump set66.75 
 A384861L-62LINE - gas, tank to pump, rubber hose connection at rear (2 pc)40.95 
 A385261L-62LINE - gas, tank to pump, stainless steel (2 pc)66.75 
A3850A385061L-62LINE - gas, top tank29.95 
A3933A393356-60NECK - gas filler64.25 
A3945A394561-62NECK - gas filler64.25 
B0443B044356-62 NIPPLE - gas filler drain hose4.50 
A4106A410655-57PAD - brake pedal and clutch, 3 or 4 speed (ea)7.95 
A4112A411258-62PAD - brake pedal and clutch, 3 or 4 speed (ea)7.05 
A4102A410253-57PAD - brake pedal, automatic transmission21.25 
B4114B411458-62PAD - brake pedal, automatic transmission, [replacement]7.10 
A3912A391256-62PAD/INSULATOR SET - gas tank, anti-squeak (pr)8.95 
A3908A390853-62RETAINER SET - gas tank strap, rear (pr)7.00 
 A077353-55RETAINER SET - gas tank straps (pr)11.00 
A3910A391056-62RETAINER SET - gas tank straps, front, (pr)13.80 
A3909A390956-62 RETAINER/NUT PLATE - rear underbody gas tank strap, rear11.45 
A4000A400056-62SCREW KIT - gas door hinge to body (4pc)2.40 
A3944A394461L-62SCREW KIT - gas tank cover, w/J-nuts (45 pc)29.00 
A3942A394257-61ESCREW KIT - gas tank cover, w/J-nuts (54 pc)18.65 
A3905A390553-62SCREW SET - sending unit to gas tank (5 pc)6.95 
A3914A391456-60SENDING (METERING) UNIT - gas tank74.95 
A0774A077453-55SENDING (METERING) UNIT - gas tank w/ gaskets & screws139.95 
A3916A391661-62SENDING (METERING) UNIT - gas tank74.95 
A3939A393961-62ESPRING - gas door5.45 
A3937A393761-62STOP - gas door, (ea)6.30 
 A393253-60STOP KIT - gas door, w/screws (pr)6.95 
A3917A391756-62STRAINER - gas tank sending/metering unit pick-up (not included with sending units)8.75 
A3906A390653-62STRAP SET - gas tank w/retainer and washers (pr)39.00 
A4110A411058-62STUD KIT - gas pedal/nuts, washers & retainer (9pc)16.35 
A3650A365053-55TANK - gas, w/"O.L. Anderson" logo, w/o vent pipe or baffles. This is our 1956 tank which will accept your 1953-55 sending unit and be a functional replacement for a non-functional original 1953-55 tank (thru approximately 11/15/56)278.95 
A3650A365056-57ETANK - gas, w/O.L. Anderson logo, w/o vent pipe or baffles278.95 
A3651A365157L-61ETANK - gas, w/"O.L. Anderson" logo, w/vent pipe, w/o baffles278.95 
A3635A363557L-61ETANK - gas, w/vent pipe - identical to A3651 except w/o O.L. Anderson logo. Will fit any 1956-62199.00 
A3999A399961L-62TANK - gas, w/ O.L. Anderson logo, w/vent pipe & baffles278.95 
 A398961L-62TANK - gas, w/vent pipe & baffles, identical to A3999 except w/o O.L. Anderson logo, (also a great 56-61E replacement tank because of the internal baffles and vent which prevent vapors in passenger Compartment (The best overall tank!)199.00 
 A077556-57ETANK KIT389.95 
 A077657L-61ETANK KIT389.95 
 A077761L-62TANK KIT389.95 
A3935A393556-62WASHER SET - rear gas tank strap retainer (pr)5.25