1953-62 Arrow TRUNK, JACKS & RELATED



1956-60 Trunk Diagram Thumbnail
1956-60 Trunk
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1956-60 Trunk Lock Area Diagram Thumbnail
1956-60 Trunk Lock Area
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Jack and Tire Storage Diagram Thumbnail
Jack and Tire Storage
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Jack Diagram
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A8892A889256-60ADAPTER & NUT PLATE - lower trunk catch, on body25.65 
A8846A884656-60BOARD - spare tire, w/foam cushions, (5 ply)134.95 
 A886153-60BOARD - spare tire carrier/generic49.95 
A8848A884861-62BOARD - spare tire, w/foam cushions, (5 ply)145.95 
 A886561-62BOARD - spare tire carrier64.95 
A8856A885653-62BOLT - spare tire hold-down16.65 
A8568A856853-58BOLT SET - trunk hinge to trunk lid, "TR" headmark (6 pc)15.30 
A8885A888553-62BOLT SET - trunk hinge to trunk lid, replacement, (6 pc)6.60 
 A889758-62BOLT SET - trunk lid hinge to floor, 8 pc9.00 
A5898A589859-62BOLT SET - trunk lid to hinge, "C" headmark (6 pc)9.75 
A8876A887661-62BUMPER - trunk lid pop-up spring4.15 
A8847A884753-55CATCH - upper trunk latch62.35 
A8816A881656-60CATCH - lower trunk, on body25.75 
A8886A888656-60COVER - trunk lock mechanism on trunk lid37.35 
A8800A880056-60CLIP SET - jack handle & lug wrench (pr)19.75 
A8842A884261-62CLIP KIT W/FASTNERS - jack handle & lug wrench16.25 
 A881456-62CLIP SET - trunk liner, "S" type, (4 pc)5.20 
A8815A881556-62CLIP SET - trunk liner, "S" type, w/correct diamond stamped logo (4 pc)12.10 
A8858A885853-62CUP W/INSTALLATION SCREWS - spare tire board, w/correct diamond shapped logo stamp15.75 
A8862A886253-62CUSHION - spare tire bolt-on frame10.05 
A8854A885453-62CUSHION SET - spare tire board, foam, (3 pc)9.35 
 A858758EFILLER PANEL/COVER - bumper brace/wheel well,LH32.00 
 A858858EFILLER PANEL/COVER - bumper brace/wheel well,RH32.00 
A8834A883453-61HANDLE - jack43.35 
A8836A883662HANDLE - jack59.95 
 A880956-60HINGE & SPRING TOWER - trunk & deck lid, (specify LH/RH)(used)195.00 
 A881061-62HINGE & SPRING TOWER - trunk & deck lid, (specify LH/RH used)195.00 
A8841A884161-62HOSE & GROMMET SET - trunk lid drain and grommet5.45 
A8830A883053-61JACK - exact reproduction246.75 
A8832A883262JACK - exact reproduction275.00 
A2314A231453-60LABEL - jacking instructions4.95 
A2316A231661-62LABEL - jacking instructions3.95 
 A888361-62LATCH MECHANISM - trunk lid, (pre-owned)49.00 
A8828A882856-60LOCK - latch mechanism, trunk lid98.40 
A8838A883853-60LUG WRENCH - exact reproduction51.75 
A8839A883961-62LUG WRENCH - exact reproduction51.75 
A8889A888956-60MOUNT KIT - trunk lid latch on trunk lid, 9pc5.80 
A8860A886053-62NUT PLATE - spare tire bolt/on frame11.95 
A8844A884461-62PAD SET - jack handle7.95 
A8891A889156-60PANEL - fiberglass, rear inner (incl. lower trunk lock catch reinf.)189.95 
A8893A889356-60PLATE - lower trunk catch adjuster18.65 
A8870A887061-62PLATE KIT - access, trunk floor (w/screws) (pr)20.45 
A8881A888158RETAINER/NUT SET-trunk molding/flat speednuts-does one molding (6pc)19.75 
A6137A613753-55ROD - lock, trunk6.95 
A6136A613656-60ROD - lock, trunk9.35 
A6137A613761-62ROD - lock, trunk6.95 
 A895256-60SCREW & WASHER - trunk lock to trunk lid (2 req), (ea)1.00 
A8823A882356-60SCREW SET - jack handle/lug wrench clip (10 pc)5.65 
A8819A881961-62SCREW SET - trunk access cover plate attaching, special shallow phillips head (2 req. per plate), (4 pc)4.50 
A8801A880156-59SCREW SET - trunk liner, clutch head (14 pc)8.85 
A8882A888256-60SCREW SET - trunk panel, rear inner (17 pc)6.40 
A8878A887859SCREW SET - trunk liner, Phillips head, replacement, (14 pc)4.40 
A8880A888060-62SCREW SET - trunk liner, Phillips head (7 pc)4.65 
 A885160-62SCREW SET - trunk liner, Phillips, w/wide head (7 pc)13.35 
A8829A882956-62SHIM - trunk lid hinge (ea)14.00 
A8872A887261SPRING - pop-up, w/bumper, trunk lid14.75 
A8874A887462SPRING - pop-up, w/bumper, trunk lid12.25 
A5895A589556-60SPRING SET - trunk & deck lid hinge, (4 pc)40.85 
A5896A589661-62SPRING SET - trunk & deck lid hinge, (4 pc)37.35 
 A857456-60TRUNK LID - specify year, fiberglass (PM)534.00 
 A889661-62TRUNK LID - used original  CALL
A8890A889058TRUNK MOLDING (SPEARS) SET - chrome/thin wall as original, (pr)2995.00