1953-62 Arrow GLOVE BOX



1956-57 Glove Box Catch Diagram Thumbnail
1956-57 Glove Box Catch
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Glove Box Assembly Diagram Thumbnail
Glove Box Assembly
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A5846A584656-57CATCH/BRACKET - glove box lock, on body23.95 
A5803A580358-62CATCH/BRACKET - glove box door, on body43.35 
A5833A583356-62CLIP - glove box separator, lower/upper moldings (ea)16.85 
A5800A580056-62CLIP - seat separator molding, above & below glove box (8 req) (ea)4.65 
A5886A588656-62CLIP SET/RETAINER - 2 glove box door moldings (4 pc)14.00 
A0804A080456-62DOOR - glove box/metal 95.00 
A0784A078456-62GLOVE BOX ASSEMBLY-fiberglass/3pc229.00 
A5863A586356-62GLOVE BOX MOLDING & FASTNER KIT - 6 moldings & all the clips and fastners needed to install them208.95 
A0785A078556-62HINGE - glove box 47.25 
A5815A581556-62MOLDING - above glove box door, LH32.55 
A5817A581756-62MOLDING - above glove box door, RH32.55 
A5820A582056-62MOLDING - below glove box, LH34.95 
A5821A582156-62MOLDING - below glove box, RH34.95 
A5818A581856-62MOLDING - glove box door, LH50.25 
A5819A581956-62MOLDING - glove box door, RH50.25 
 A580556-60MOLDING - seat back, on deck lid, LH, (original, used)295.00 
 A580756-60MOLDING - seat back, on deck lid, RH, (original, used)295.00 
 A581161-62MOLDING - seat back, on deck lid, LH, (original, used)295.00 
 A581361-62MOLDING - seat back, on deck lid, RH, (original, used)295.00 
A5868A586856-62PUSH BUTTON - deck lid opening21.40 
A5864A586456-62RETAINER KIT - 2 moldings, deck lid, 8 clips/screws51.35 
A5878A587858-62SCREW - glove box door catch9.65 
A5861A586158-62SCREW SET - glove box bracket/latch instullation1.45 
A5877A587756-62SCREW, NUT & WASHER KIT - glove box door hinge & molding clips (26pc)6.15 
A5890A589056-62STOP - rubber, glove box door on body7.00